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About Us

About Ultius

Ultius is an essay writing service platform for academic writing, built to connect students with talented writers who possess remarkable writing skills and are eager to put them to use.

Our team is composed of native English speakers coming from all over the world. We are highly regarded as one of the best writing platforms to order essay from by students and writers alike, due to our transparency, great deals, and stunning quality of work.

Students can get essay writing help at very friendly prices, and our writers get to exercise their writing muscles by creating unique content for every client.

Our Core Values

Results First

While we’re writing your paper, your money stays deposited. You only release the payment to the writer after you’re fully satisfied with the work. We allow for an unlimited amount of edits and revisions, letting you tweak every paper to perfection.


Keeping students’ confidentiality is very important for us, and private data remains completely anonymous on Writewave Papers. There is no chance anybody will ever find a trace of you on this website. We take personal privacy very seriously and extend this attitude towards our writers and our team as well.


In addition to writing your paper, we offer guides and video lessons which can help you learn to write better essays! For writing enthusiasts and hardworking students alike, our blog offers both simple and extensive guides to essay writing, featuring all the types of essays you’ll encounter on your academic journey.


Students on a tight budget can still benefit from a myriad of services that we offer. While essay writing comes at a student-friendly price, we also offer editing and proofreading— services designed to turn your written draft into a masterpiece.

How do I find the right expert?

Exponent’s unique algorithm matches you with vetted experts that are a perfect fit for what you actually need Marketing experts in your niche.

  • Stop blindly sifting through lists of recommendations searching

  • Stop wasting time listening to questionable sales pitches

  • Stop losing money to lazy marketing providers

How do I know they are ‘that good’?

We are fierce! Exponent only works with high performing experts, with proven experience and skills who have been vetted by us. We sink our teeth into our experts’ accounts & data to see their track record ourselves, evaluating past results in specific industries and channels. We fight against mediocrity every step of the way we sink our teeth.






Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and knowledgable support team.

Why Choose Us?

At Homework for you, you can be sure to receive professional and top-notch services. Our experienced writers take their time to go through the instructions, then later use the most current resources to research. This guarantees an assignment that will give you excellent grades. Choosing us is equal to choosing timely delivery, efficient service, and plagiarism-free assignments.

What do you guarantee your Clients?

Homework for you guarantees premium services to all its clients. Our goal is customer satisfaction through the delivery of high-quality assignments that guarantee excellent results.

How do you Ensure Clients Privacy?

We value our client’s privacy thus strive to ensure that their privacy is protected. At no circumstance shall we disclose the client’s information to third parties.

Where are you located ?

We are located at Albany, NYC and we over our services globally.

What are your Working Hours?

Our services are online-based and thus available 24/7 to attend to clients. There is always someone on the line waiting to answer your queries and assign and send your orders once the writers are through with them.

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